VPN Accounts


  • One VPN account for one router.
  • If you want to access your MikroTik router from public network don't change its default winbox port.
  • If you do not have a public IP in your router, You will need a VPN account to use this software.
  • Additional 50TK/Month will be added to subscription bill for each VPN account.


  1. To get new vpn account please click on the "New Account" button.

  2. To login into your router using winbox from any network please use the IP address and port number given in the winbox column.

  3. Use the IP address given in the "IP Address" column when you will add the router in the software.

  4. Click on the link "Actions > config info" to learn how to setup the VPN in the router.

~~ The end of this chapter ~~