Automation of accounting is one of the core feature of our software.

Accounting will give the answers of the following questions:

  • Which customers have made payments?
  • Which customers have pending bills?
  • From which reseller how much money I will receive and why?
  • Statements for reseller.

You will see summary of accounting in the dashboard.

  • Accounts Payable in total and
  • Accounts Receivable in total

There are three things to do to achive automation of accounting.

  1. Set package price (reseller's and customer's)
  2. Record customer's payments
  3. Record operator's payments

Recording transactions


  1. When a customer pays online, customer payments will be recorded automatically
  2. When customer payment recorded, the portion of ISP, reseller, sub-reseller are recorded automatically.


  1. When a customer pays by cash, payment needs to record manually.
  2. Reseller's payments need to record manually.

How to record customer's cash payment?

  • To record cash payment Go to : Bills and Payments / Bills / Action / Paid

How to record cash received from reseller's?

There are two types of reseller:

  1. prepaid reseller
  2. postpaid reseller

To record cash received from prepaid reseller Go to : Resellers & Managers/ Resellers / Action / add balance

To record cash received from postpaid reseller( account provider ):

There are three ways to entry for cash received from postpaid reseller:

  1. Resellers & Managers/ Resellers / Action / entry cash received

  2. Accounts / Accounts Receivable / entry for cash received

  3. Accounts / Accounts Receivable / Action / cash out

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