Four Types of Business Model:

  • Direct Sale
    • Admin to Customer
  • Resell
    • Admin to Reseller to Customer
    • Admin will get a commission for every package sold to customers.
  • Sub-Resell
    • Admin to Reseller to Sub-Reseller to Customer
    • Admin and Reseller will get commission for every package sold to customers.
  • Recharge Card Sales Partner
    • Recharge card sales partners can be created from admin, reseller and sub-reseller panels.
    • Recharge Card Sales Partners receive one commission per card sold.


  • Clients can register in your network with their mobile phone number.
  • The customer can activate the connection by paying online.
  • Reseller and sub-reseller can add account balance online.
  • Recharge card partners can add account balance online.
  • Customer will receive notification before the account expires.
  • Monthly Billing Customers will be billed on the first of the month.
  • Network access will be terminated as soon as the customer's package expires.

Four Types of Customer Management:

  • PPPoE
  • Hotspot (WiFi-Zone)
  • Static IP
  • Other Type (Cable TV / Others)

Seven Panel:

  • Super Admin Panel (Partners Portal)
  • Admin Panel (ISP Portal)
  • Reseller Panel
  • Sub-reseller Panel
  • Manager Panel
  • Customer Panel
  • Card Distributors Panel (Recharge Point)

Supported Payment Methods:

  • Online Payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Recharge Card
  • Send Money
  • bKash Payment

Automated Accounting

  • Know how much money you will receive from your clients, staffs and resellers just in one click.
  • Bill your reseller for every minute for each active customer.

Fast, Secure, Automated and Efficient WiFi Zone (Hotspot) solution.

  • Users Self Registration uses a mobile number only (Fast and Convenient)
  • The user's device will be authenticated by the radius server automatically as soon as the device is connected to your network (Secure and Efficient).
  • The user's account will be unlocked automatically as soon as he pays/renew/purchase Internet package through online payment gateway (Fast and Efficient).

Invoice generation and payment processing:

  • Automatically generate a monthly bill at the begging of the month for PPPoE (Monthly Billing), Static IP and Other customers.
  • Download Invoices in PDF and Excel format.
  • Automatic SMS Notification for payments and bills.
  • Get paid instant on your bank account from your customers with online payment gateways.

Radius server:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Internet Usage History.

IPAM – IP address management:

  • Avoid Network Address overlaps.
  • Static IP for PPPoE Customers.

IPv6 Support:

  • For PPPoE Customers.

Reseller modes:

  • Easy Resell
  • Prepaid/Postpaid Reseller
  • Monthly Billing / Daily Billing

Customer portal:

  • Customer Status
  • Internet History
  • Buy Package
  • Pay Bill