User Types:

1. PPPoE + Daily Billing

  • Use Case :

    • Customers usually belongs to prepaid reseller.
    • payment is prepaid.
    • Pay as you go model: reseller can activate/recharge customer account for a variable period of time (7days, 15 days...)
    • Reseller will be charged for every minute when a customer's account is active but will not be charged for inactive customer accounts.
  • Notes

    • The reseller will recharge customer's account after getting payment from customer.
    • Bill for customer's account will not be generated at day one of the month automatically.
    • User's account will be locked (Expiration) automatically after validity.
    • Customers can purchase packages from online for account validity.

2. PPPoE + Monthly Billing

  • Use Case:

    • The reseller must activate a customer's account for a month and paid fully for a month. Partial payment is not allowed here.
    • Bill for customer's account will be generated at day one of the month automatically.
    • Customers can pay online and both ISP and reseller can collect customer's payment through online payment gateway.
  • Notes

    • Submitting customer's payment will extend customer account's validity.
    • The user's account will be locked automatically after validity by the scheduler.
    • Router's Control should belong to the ISP, so that the reseller can not activate customers form router manually.

3. Hotspot

  • Use Case:
    • Self Registration for customers through WiFi.
    • Payment collection from customers through online payment gateway or recharge cards.

4. Statice IP + Monthly Billing

  • Use Case
    • Customers belongs to the ISP. The reseller can not create Static IP Customer.
    • Customers usually corporate customers.

5. Ohter

  • Use Case:
    • Customers using services other than the internet, like Cable TV Service.
    • Services can be resell.
    • Customers can pay online through online payment gateway.
    • No automatic lock option.

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