Billing Profile

Daily Billing vs. Monthly Billing:

Daily Billing Monthly Billing
Customers or resellers can purchase internet time for different periods. Customers and resellers must purchase one month of internet.
Customer bill will not be generated. Customer's account needs to be recharged. Customer bill will be generated at day one of the month. The customer has to pay the bill.
Customers can buy new packages online. Customer cannot buy new package online. Can pay monthly bill online only.
Customer can buy package of any validity. Customer can only buy packages of 30 days validity.
The validity starts from the time of purchase a package and the account remains active for the number of minutes of internet time purchased. Fixed billing cycle eg 10th to 10th, 15th to 15th. Billing cycles do not change for later or earlier bill payments. Changing the billing cycle requires changing the billing profile.
The customer is suspended at the expiration of the account. A customer's account will be suspended when the account expires and the bill payment date is passed. If there is no bill, the account will not be suspended.
Suspended customers can not connect to the network. Suspended customers can connect to the network and get IP address from suspended pool.
Suitable for resellers. Suitable for corporate customers.


Note 1: For Hotspot customers, it is not necessary to understand how billing profiles work.

Note 2: Automatic bill = yes means that the invoice will be generated automatically on the first day of every month. But just for monthly billing customers.

Note 3: Automatic Suspend = yes means the customer will be automatically suspended if they did not pay the bills by the due date. But only for monthly billing customers and needs to have an invoice for customers. Daily billing customers will be suspended after the validity of the package, which cannot be controlled by the billing profile.

Note 4: Billing cycle ends with month = no means bill the customer until the next payment date while creating new customer.

Note 5: Billing cycle ends with month = yes means bill the customer for the remaining days of the month while creating new customer.


Question: Monthly Billing customer has expired but why is the customer not suspended?

Answer: In case of monthly billing customers, the customer's account is suspended when the account expires and the bill payment date is passed. If there is no bill, the account is not suspended. So the customer account is not suspended due to either of the two reasons - 1. The bill payment date has not passed. 2. The customer has no bill.

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