Frequently Asked Questions

What is operator?

  • The operator is also known as a reseller or MAC Resesller or User Reseller.

What is Postpaid reseller?

  • Postpaid resellers are like payment gateway. They will collect money from users first and then will pay to you. You can set the limit, how much collected money they can hold.

What is Prepaid reseller?

  • In this case you are like a bank, you will provide an account for a reseller, after receiving money from a Prepaid reseller you will add balance to his account. The reseller can then use this balance to activate customers. If there is no balance in the account, reseller will not able to activate customers.

Can Reseller Pay Admin Online?

  • Yes. If the admin has online payment gateway.

How the software ensures, the Postpaid reseller will must pay after collecting the certain amount set by admin from customers?

  • If the Postpaid reseller does not pay after collecting the certain amount, the reseller will not able to activate any customers.

How to put an input for the cash received from a Postpaid reseller in the software?

From Resellers & Managers menu or from Accounts menu.

  • Resellers & Managers > Resellers/Operators > Actions > Entry Cash Received


  • Accounts > Accounts Receivable > Entry for cash received


How the admin will add balance to Prepaid reseller Account?

  • Resellers & Managers > Resellers/Operators > Actions > Add Balance


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